The Stash Report is the vanity love child of a man known only as Stash*.

More reclusive than Bigfoot, Woody Allen or the Loch Ness Monster, Stash is rarely seen in public. When, on lucky occasion, he is actually spotted, it is usually as he enters or exits a grocery market.

Stash modestly fancies himself a poet/humorist/satirist. With Will Rodgers, Groucho Marx and Shel Silverstein no longer around to do what they did best, Stash saw a void that needed to be filled.

For many years, he has privately written wry and satiric poems to amuse and entertain his appreciative friends and acquaintances. It was only recently, that Stash was able to be coaxed to “go big” and start a blog of his own. The hope, friends suggested, was that such an undertaking would allow him to finally showcase his ironic thoughts and humorous written reflections.

Since his blog’s inception, at last count, nearly five or six persons have actually accessed this wonderful site. Yes, it is the sweet smell of success that Stash now breathes.

You, new friend of Stash, have landed upon the blog called Stash Report. Its purpose is to entertain and amuse. Read on and hopefully, both will occur.

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