Valentine’s Day 2015

Hello my friends. As you most likely know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It occurs to me that this is a perfect occasion to offer a gift from my heart to yours. My last offering was well received…most comments lauded its brevity. Buoyed by your kind remarks, I wanted to write something appropriate for this holiday and what follows is the result of this inspiration. As often happens, while writing this poem, the words seemed to take on a life of their own. Unlike its predecessor, this exposition is not very concise… it’s an “epic” tale of sorts. Also, my writings often employ frequent sing-song rhymes. Not so with this composition. (Although… if you look closely, you’ll actually find ten pairs of rhyming words.)

Rhyme or no rhyme, I hope you like what I now present.

Oh… one more thing. If you really want to experience the full enjoyment of this poem, try to “hear” its words spoken with a snobbish, British accent… similar to one you might find in an episode of Downton Abbey. This was the sound that was in my mind’s ear when I was writing this little nugget.

Take care and stay warm my friends. Big kiss to you all. Stash

The Gift

It was the thirteenth day of February
And Reginald Turtle was well aware
That he had yet to secure a gift for dear friend Beatrice.
Our timid friend was feeling quite dismayed.

(Unrelenting, a calendar never pauses.)

Valentine’s Day would arrive on the morrow
And it was imperative that he present
To Beatrice an impressive token of his affection…
Crucial it was that his love be splendidly displayed.

(A courageous step…Reg had never actually voiced his love.)

Beatrice, his darling, was the light of his life
But regrettably, timid Reginald was unaware
If this amorous sentiment was reciprocal.
Anxiety caused, for him, a night that was sleepless.

(If only we knew the things that we do not know.)

As it was, this doubt was wholly unwarranted.
Truth be known, Beatrice had always been enamored of Reg.
To her, he had always been courteous, caring and kind.
Reginald’s worries, you see, were entirely needless.

(Oh dear reader, my patience runs thin. In the interest of brevity…)

I could proceed with my bittersweet story of this unspoken love
But in order to save you the agony of disappointed suspense,
I will admit to you that dear Reginald never did decide
Upon a perfect offering for the object of his devotion.

(Fear not, you lovers of love.)

On Valentine’s Day, Reginald journeyed to Beatrice’s door.
Professing his eternal love, he recounted remorsefully
The fact that he had been unable to secure, for her,
A gift that would perfectly reflect his loving notion.

(Expecting the worst, with no hope for the best…)

A most marvelous thing occurred for dear Reg.
Upon hearing of the depth of his affection for her,
Beatrice threw her arms wide in order to bestow
Upon Reg’s flushed shell a warm, sincere embrace.

(Love overflowed as Beatrice pursed her sweet lips.)

Beatrice presented to Reg a warm and lingering kiss.
In soft tones, she confessed that she had always
Shyly felt in the very same way towards him.
She too was unsure, despite her outward confident face.

(In the end, the need for an elaborate gift was quite unnecessary.)

It was a wonderful day for both Reginald and Beatrice.…
Declarations of love followed by hugs and kisses and laughter.
The simple knowledge that one loved and was loved in return
Made, for this story, a most satisfying “happily ever after”.


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