A good friend of mine noted a glaring holiday omission on my part. By special request, here’s a belated Valentine offering… one that I’ve dug from the dark musty catacombs of my poetry archives.

Said Barney Bear to sweet Bernice

Said Barney Bear to sweet Bernice,
“Won’t you come home with me?”
“Fuzzy mama, you look so fine…
Come and be my Valentine?”

Said Bernice, in a manner coy,
“You really are the cutest boy…
And even though you have no money,
You sure know how to spread my honey.”

Said Barney Bear, with tail upright,
“We can kiss and cuddle all the night.
Come… I’ll give you what you need…
Let’s join together in love’s sweet deed.”

Said Bernice, with a slight bear-blush,
“Let’s travel to your lair in a rush.
At the risk of sounding way too easy,
I can’t wait for you to squeeze me.”

Love’s tune consisted of growling sounds…
Their furry love knew no bounds.
The evening was filled with passionate hugs…
Together, they formed a single bear rug.

This was the start of their love affair…
The time that Barney bear dared to care.
Barney was by the love bug bitten…
This was the day Bernice was smitten.


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