Rainbows and Unicorns

I Dreamed A Dream

Twas the year of the winter that never got cold.
It was a time when no one ever got old.
There was no sickness, then, in this land
And things went always as they’d been planned.

It was a universe filled with sweet harmony…
The fruit grew heavily on every tall tree.
Children played freely, without much worry
And no one bustled… there was no hurry.

Politicians, then, lived only to serve
And to offer folks the life they deserved.
The only requirement was that they care…
No silver spoon… no millionaire.

Oh Woe!

Sadly, this world exists only in fantasy…
One that, in dream, came sweetly to me.
Now, watching nightly, the evening news,
I can’t avoid a case of the primary blues.

Hungry to become our nation’s next President…
Wanting to be the White House’s next resident,
Candidates resemble Machiavelli’s court…
Trying to stand tall… they all come up short.

Like passengers watching the Titanic sink…
We’re all aware that our candidates stink.
To get elected, they’d sell granny and you…
That’s what passes for politics…. what can you do?

The End

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