Christmas 2016

A Christmas Pony *

I want a pony for Christmas.
It’s the only thing
That’s on my wish list.
No, I don’t want clothes or toys…
I promise to be good
And won’t make any noise.
I’ll always listen and do my chores…
If Santa will deliver a baby horse.
I know it’ll be hard
For St. Nick to wrap him…
Don’t want to fold, or break,
Or snap him.
I’m sure he can slip down our chimney…
It’s built of brick and isn’t flimsy.
A pony would fit real easy
(Well, maybe just a little “squeezy”)
But he’d sure look swell,
Sitting under our tree…
If Santa would only bring a pony for me.

Stash 2016
* Inspired by and dedicated to my good pal Ruth.

Christmas Epilogue

Early Christmas morning…
I creep down the silent stairs.
Still dark but I need to know…
Has Mr.Claus yet been there?

Bare feet on a chilly floor…
I make my way to the bright tree.
Yes! He’s already made his visit
And there’s something with a label for me!

Should I wait for others to awake?
Or throw all caution to the wind?
Not much of an internal struggle…
I rip at the paper and begin.

Tearing sounds fill the air,
As colorful scraps litter the floor.
Santa’s used a strong sticky tape
But I don’t mind my unwrapping chore.

In a blink, there it stands…
You know what it is of course.
Just what I’d been asking for…
I finally got my baby ………?


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