Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Hi my friends. Hey… who out there loves politics? Yeah. I thought so. No one except Freddie. Well, the upcoming run for the White House has forced my dormant brain cells into action. What follows is the baby that resulted from that pregnant moment of inspiration. Stash

November Choices

Clinton, Trump or Bernie Sanders…
This year, it doesn’t really seem to matter.
They say garbage in, garbage out…
Sadly, there’s no one to shout about.

Hillary has more baggage that Samsonite.
Along with Bill, there’s no wrong or right…
Eight years ago, she was rejected.
Now, anything goes to get elected.

E-mails, Benghazi, the Clinton foundation…
Mistress Hillary wants to run the nation.
She’s like a female version of Machiavelli…
The things she start always turn out smelly.

Then there’s hurricane Donald Trump…
Lots of wind blowing, while on the stump.
The presidency… he wants dearly to win it.
The problem, though…
When opening his mouth, he puts his foot in it.

Lots of money, opinions and a cocky attitude…
Some say he’s confident… others say he’s rude.
Many of the GOP have turned their backs…
To Trump, their just a bunch of hacks.

Last but not least, we have Bernie Sanders…
Who campaigned with Socialist words of candor.
Well intentioned, with his’s senior citizen zeal,
He tapped into how many of the plain folk feel.

It was refreshing to see the stars in his eyes
And that he got so far was quite a surprise,
A frazzled Hillary tried hard to shake him…
In the end the Dems chose not to take him.

This year, our pickings seem pretty slim…
In November, one of these folks will win.
Yep… not much from which to choose.
Whoever wins, some say, we still lose.


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