The Pursuit of Happiness

Hi Friends… Happy day to ya. I’ve been working on this offering, in bits and pieces, for a long time now and it’s come to the point that I feel, “Enough is enough.” It is what it is. Way back, I thought that I wanted to write something with or about an elephant and this is what resulted. I hope you find it amusing. Stash

The Pursuit of Happiness

Jonathan was a dapper elephant…
Soft spoken, his manner was quite erudite.
Dressing always in a manner eloquent.,
He spoke in language cultured and bright.

Jonathan had attended the best schools…
As a child, he’d been quite precocious.
He always practiced the Golden Rule
But if angered, he could be quite ferocious.

Many thought Jonathan had a perfect life…
Owning a peanut farm, with money in the bank.
Having three children and a beautiful wife…
His lucky stars were what he’d nightly thank.

But Jonathan had one constant concern…
For all of his life, he’d always been a bit chubby.
A lithe, athletic body was for what he yearned,
Though Margaret, his wife, swore love for her hubby.

She said she adored Jonathan’s physique
And swore that she felt he was “a perfectly plump”.
She didn’t subscribe to a Twiggy mystique…
Margret was fond of Jon’s jungle-love rump.

Even so, Jonathan set forth on a noble quest…
With determination, he enacted a most rigid diet.
Lettuce replaced peanuts… sacrificed for the best…
He’d heard of tofu and thought he might try it.

Next on the to-do list… he became a gym member.
Jon went there daily to grunt and to groan.
Religiously, from January to December
Each evening, he would slowly crawl home.

Jogging, spinning and laps in the pool.
Pilates, aerobics, and abdominal crunches.
Yoga, breakfasts of thin barley gruel.
Protein shakes and sparse vegan lunches.

At year’s end, Jon crept onto a scale.
Dismayed, he found he’d gained forty pounds!
Mournfully, he cried out, “How could I fail?”…
His house filled with sad sobbing sounds.

But Jonathan’s despair did not last long.
His remedy… visit a favorite “go-to-eat spa”.
In order to right what was so very wrong,
He went to Clemenza’s, for a very large pizza.

Sausage, peppers, mushrooms and onions…
Eggplant, pepperoni, a thick crust with cheese.
Thrilled from his trunk to his barking bunions…
Jonathan had finally found his long denied peace.

Returning to old ways, satisfying and yummy,
Jonathan fed his stomach as well as his soul.
So what if he sported a round Buddha tummy?
Hadn’t happiness been his ultimate goal?

Jonathan’s journey had been long and trying…
For him, the moral was clear in the end.
Life is too short for suffering and crying.
Indulge yourself… food is your friend.

Stash 5/11/16

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