A Holiday Offering

Season’s Greetings!

Hi and a jolly ho, ho, ho to all of you, my dear friends. In case you didn’t receive our Christmas card, in the spirit of the season, please forgive my omission. The following was this year’s offering. Have a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. Your, buddy, Your Pal, Stash

There’s Nothing I Want For Christmas

There’s nothing I want for Christmas.
I’ve nothing on my Christmas wish list.
I’d like just once to be a lottery winner
Or maybe just a little bit thinner
And if someone could come up with an answer
For such ailments as heart disease and cancer.
And if the poor wouldn’t be quite so poor
And if the “one per cent”could help with this cure…
And if our upcoming White House resident
Could hopefully be an intelligent President.
And if we could stop earth’s global warming…
The same for earthquakes and El Niño storming.
And if we might have clean air, water and dirt…
And if we could finally have lasting peace on earth.

Happy Holidays

Alexis and Stash

Most of my readers prefer holiday poems that are light hearted, optimistic and happy. My most loyal followers have told me this in not so many words. But I kinda like to walk the offbeat and sometimes quirky side of the street. What follows is another type of holiday offering. Stash

Santa’s Tired

Santa’s tired of being a fat, old man.
He wants to be thin and to get a tan.
The North Pole makes his weary joints ache…
He needs a break, for goodness sake.

A mid-life crisis is what is feared…
He’s already wearin’ a lumberjack beard.
But that bright red suit… it’s gotta go.
Along with the ice, the wind and snow.

And then there’s a matter of Santa’s wife.
She’s not too happy… there’s plenty of strife.
“It’s always ‘the children’ but what of us?!”
Usually devoted, lately she’s making a fuss.

Mama Claus is fed up with her elves..,
“It’s time that they took care of themselves!”
Then there’s the deer and all of their droppings.
“A constant clean up that needs to be stopping.”

Christmas morning will soon be coming…
Children’s dreams are alive and humming.
The same can be said for Ole St. Nick…
“Pass me a slice of that retirement… quick.”


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