The Wisdom of a Grandpa

Hi, my friends. Long time no see. I don’t know why I haven’t been writing much lately but as they say, “It is what it is.” Hopefully quality will override quantity… you decide. Your buddy, your pal, Stash.

A Secret For Owen

As my hair gets thiner,
My middle grows thicker.
Time seems to have sped up,
As the years pass by quicker.

But wisdom sometimes walks with age…

I have many more yesterdays
Than I have tomorrows
But happiness is just a game
If you smile and avoid the sorrows.

So… here, my little one, is a secret for you…

Contentment is merely an attitude.
Your day is what you make it.
A gift left on your doorstep…
You’ve but to stoop and take it.

So, little prince, put on a happy face
And be brisk in your youthful stride.
Try to sidestep the dark shadows


Always walk on the sunny side.

Grandpa Stash

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