Winter Blasphemies

Hi friends… spring has arrived!! (Or so the calendar says.) Yes, it’s been a miserable couple of months… like living at the North Pole… but brighter days loom now on our seasonal horizon. (Hopefully.)

In the depths of the dark and frozen ice age that has finally decided to begrudgingly leave, I started writing a couple of poems. Rather than tossing them in the dumpster, I share them now with you. They were the cries of despair of one, who had had enough. Stash

A Winter’s Lament

The snow came down
Without a sound,
Soon an ivory quilt
Blanketed the ground.

Outside the winds
Howled and blew.
An example of how
The Lord can over do.

Don’t question God…
Or so I’m told…
But Jesus Christ…
Outside it’s cold!!!


The Jealous Child Within

Three months of snow piling up to my ass…
Three months since I last saw the grass.
Ice and snow and perpetual slush.
Spring is coming but in no big rush.

At the very same time, in the balmy sunshine state of Florida…

All winter long it’s been warm and sunny…
A cozy palm tree land of milk and honey.
The only time folks there will complain
Is when someone’s predicting a morning rain.

It’s undeniable. It’d true. God has His favorites!

He’s capricious in rewarding some of His children.
Looking at Jersey, He said, “Yeah, I’ll chill them”.
Well tanned Floridians can go romp and play…
While north easterners must shovel all their troubles away.

Some may call me a jealous child but I don’t care…
In my opinion… God’s just not fair.


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